Thom Yorke 'The Clock' Video
& Seeing sound research

Music Video, CD packaging, Research

Based on the D&AD brief to create a music video for Thom Yorke’s ‘The Clock’, I applied my honours year research work on sound visualisation to create
the video along with an innovative CD package. In exploring the gap between spoken and written language, I ask the question “if we could see speech and sound, what might they look like?” I then tried to creatively interpret my findings. I believe this would be an effective and appropriate context for the research work. The video is like a hyper-karaoki using my animated typeface, ‘reflectere gothic’, where the length of the word sung is the length of the letter expansion.

Try out the full typeface 'reflectere gothic' here. (Couple of bug warnings: no loading bar and might not work unless you click in the top left area)

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