Assorted Event Projects

A collection of various event projects that I have worked on.

V&A Dundee 3D Festival

I created the identity and promotional material for the opening event of the V&A Dundee. It was titled the ‘3D Festival’ in reference to the 3 ‘Ds’ of ‘Dundee, Discovery and Design’ (in itself a reference to the famous ‘3 Js of Dundee’),

The artwork was a play on the name of the event, making it both three-dimensional and a reference to the building. It also incorporated imagery from the opening light installation by Biome Collective. Merchandise and further event items were created with Agency of None.

BBC at the Edinburgh Festivals

I rebranded the BBC’s venue at the Edinburgh Festivals. Previously the visual identity centred around the logo and a simple three colour palette. The rebrand breathed much needed life into the existing identity using playful illustrations and an expanded colour palette.