The Skinny

The Skinny is the largest listings and culture magazine in Scotland and second largest in the UK, with an ABC verified readership of 285,000. I oversaw a rebranding of the company, along with a redesign of the magazine in order to refresh the layout, address some practical issues and bring it up-to-date with how the overall brand had developed.

The design aimed to take advantage of space with a more flexible layout, narrower typefaces and a more minimal approach to sections and styles. The design also differentiated between The Skinny as a magazine and The Skinny as a brand, with separate branding outside of regular content.

Through workshops we developed a new strapline and ethos – ‘Independent Cultural Journalism’. A graphic device, the multi-coloured band, represented the range of content referencing the magazine section colours. Everything from colour, typography and tone were brought together in a branding guide. Sub-identities were also developed for the newsletter and festival publications. Working alongside Tic Toc digital agency, I developed the visual brand for a new website.

I made greater use of the magazine’s vast photography archive as an effective solution for creating The Skinny’s own self-promotional advertising and communications.

The overall achievement brought the content and writing of the magazine to the focus of the readership. Readership steadily increased and the brand expanded into Liverpool and Manchester. It also communicated the brand towards advertisers and stakeholders as a cultural platform on the front line with its finger on the pulse.

Work created under The Skinny @ Radge Media Ltd.