Nomad RDC

Nomad Research Design Consultation is a creative studio that works with people to create lasting, meaningful and beautiful places. They specialise in research and design of ‘people-centered’ public spaces and have particular knowledge in learning and healing environments.

With a lengthy name established and written in full in their last logo, I refined it down to bring attention to the usual shortening of ‘Nomad’. The identity and branding was also reduced to a minimal approach. As a flexible design consultancy, we wanted the identity to be open, neutral and not reflect a particularly distinct approach.

I designed the Nomad promotional brochure, which primarily aims to showcase selected projects and and give an in depth profile of the company. The book is themed on real people and real place, utilising photography of real locations set up to become spreads in the book. Smaller formatted pages separate the research information information for each project.

Each year Nomad produces a self-promotional Christmas card to send out to clients and collaborators. For 2014 we wanted to convey our year’s success with online polls and experience sampling. Having created a Christmas-themed poll on the blog, I created a visual representation of this data and the ‘card’ takes the form of an A2 fold-out poster, printed in teal, burgundy and metallic gold. This card was nominated for The Scottish Design Awards 2015.

All work created under Nomad RDC.