TRNSMT Festival

TRNSMT first launched in 2017 as Scotland’s newest and largest festival, following the hiatus of T in the Park. As part of DF Concerts, I was closely involved from its exciting conception, whereby I created the full brand identity from a clean slate. I creatively directed and designed the marketing campaign for each subsequent year, alongside in-house event items for the festival.


The 2019 campaign captured the key moment at TRNSMT between the penultimate act and the headliner where Glasgow is treated to a long summer twilight.

In print, the TRNSMT experience was brought to life via neon yellow and metallic purple spot colours. This also gave standout on digital ads with vibrant colours and video footage collated from the previous year.

From the main stage scrim banners to accreditation, media area dressing to projected signage, I created numerous items for the event itself.


For 2018, TRNSMT expanded to run across two weekends. I created a teaser video that showed ‘TRNSMT’ literally split into two. The artwork for each day of the event was colour-coded to help communicate the offering, as well as to help market the individual days.

For the final phase of the 2018 campaign – the “FOMO phase” – I enlisted the talents of illustrator Jack Hudson, whom I had worked with at the start of his career for The Skinny magazine. I wanted to create a modern equivalent of a 1920’s holiday poster, with the strapline “You’re Invited”, and Jack was just the man for the job.


The launch of TRNSMT was centred around the idea of an interrupting transmission, playing on the mystery of the upcoming new festival. The festival announcement was made on Facebook Live via cryptic clues and visual puns of the artist names, building up to the announcement video which also ran as a TV advert.

The radio advertisement starts with a spoof advert about ink cartridges before being interrupted by the real TRNSMT ad. The outdoor digital campaign ran in two phases, glitching teaser information (as much as we were allowed) alongside test screen graphics, before revealing the line up after announcement. I worked closely with the team at Dog Digital for this campaign.

All work created under DF Concerts & Events.