A Collection of Miscellaneous Work

‘World Changers’ Hoarding Project for University of Glasgow

The University wanted to add environmental graphics to the build-site hoarding for the development of their new sports building and student union extension. They also wanted to communicate their new people-focused branding, encapsulated by the strapline “where people inspire people to change the world”. The project was completed to a tight deadline in order to be erected in time for the Glasgow Commonwealth Games road race which ran right past it.

We took their brief and turned it into a project which extended into social media and beyond. I proposed asking a cross section of the University “how are you going to change the world?” I did just that, photographing each participant and asking them to handwrite their answer. These were then collated and turned into a collage of polaroid photos, with their statements written underneath in an Instagram style. Using the hashtag #UofGworldchangers, passers-by were encouraged to take part. 

Academic staff gave great insights into their work; students gave a range of inspiring or amusing answers and famous and historic alumni were included with what they had achieved to change the world.

Work created under Nomad RDC.

The Proclaimers

I have a long-running and established relationship with Scotland’s favourite twins, creating various album covers and campaigns over the years.

Seeing Sound

For one of my final year university projects I entered the student D&AD awards, answering a brief to create a music video for Thom Yorke’s single, The Clock. I used this as an example of my studies into visualising sound.

In exploring the gap between spoken and written language, I ask the question “if we could see speech and sound, what might they look like?” I then tried to creatively interpret my findings. The video brief proved an effective and appropriate context for the research work. The video is like a hyper-karaoke using my animated typeface, ‘reflectere gothic’, where the length of the word sung equates to the length of the letter expansion. Musically it becomes a graphic score.

The Clock (Visualising Sound) from Lewis MacDonald on Vimeo.